It’s funny how the brain works. I couldn’t sleep the other night and randomly had these words going round in my head at 5am. So, I took out my phone and committed words to screen. So, here it is, my 5am ode to 2020.

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Another year comes and goes and what comes next, nobody knows.

Anxiety, volatility, fear,

Then BoJo does the dirty on our Christmas cheer.

We’re tired; bored of being bounced from one rule to the next,

Trapped at the mercy of something we can’t see,

Simultaneously questioning the lives we want to live and who we want…

In every situation there are winners and losers and no more is that coming to the fore right now than in how brands are faring and reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many companies have been quick off-the-mark to adapt and I’ve been hugely impressed by the nimble and proactive ways brands have identified new strategies to keep their customers and communities engaged and built new products and solutions to match the ever-changing environment we’re currently living in.

While I’ve been impressed by the reactive drive and innovation — seen largely by smaller businesses and those with a passionate and active…

Part of what I do at Seedcamp is to work with our portfolio companies on everything that goes into branding, communicating and marketing their businesses to the big, bad world. The Marketing Summit is one of my absolute highlights and provides an opportunity to bring our marketing talent together and help them answer the biggest questions and challenges they’re facing right now, supported by a host of incredible brains from across the industry. …

On stage with Babba Canales (ex Brand Marketing Director at Away, Founder @By Babba), Arnd Mueller (CMO @Lilium Aviation), Sophia Bendz (Ex-Global Marketing Director Spotify & now Partner Atomico)

Slush is hands down one of the best tech conferences going. The incredible dedication and energy from the team, made up largely of volunteers, and amazing atmosphere both at the conference itself and across all of the side events almost makes you forget you’ve not seen daylight in three days!

This year I had the pleasure of speaking on stage alongside a panel of incredibly smart and experienced brand marketers on a topic that’s very close to my heart: how you build a brand from scratch. Sharing a stage with the brains behind brands such as Spotify, Lilium Aviation and…

Leading voices from breakthrough companies including Purple Bricks, GoDaddy, Pipedrive and innocent drinks share their insights

At Seedcamp, we’re focused on supporting our companies and their growth across all touchpoints. It was a really fun and insightful experience leading our first Marketing Summit and bringing together marketing and brand leads across our portfolio with an array of amazing speakers who shared their experiences of building pioneering businesses and interactive workshops.

Speakers included: Richard Reed, Co-founder @ innocent and @ JamJar Investments — you can listen to the full podcast of our conversation here — Kate Cox, CMO EMEA GoDaddy, Joby…

I had a lot of fun talking through some of my experiences building startup, and more established, brands on the Seedcamp podcast.

In the startup world, especially, the focus on short-term growth often means that investment in longer-term elements, ie brand, fall by the wayside. Whether a startup or trillion dollar business, you should never stop investing in your brand.

As promised in the podcast, I’m also sharing a really simple deck with steps to help you think about how you frame your own brands and how to tell great stories along with examples of brands who nail purpose and some who miss the mark.

I’m a consumer. You’re a consumer. Like it or not, we all are. We spend our days blasted by marketing messages and inundated with information; bashed around the head with products and services vying for our attention, which should all be the results of a company’s brand building strategy.

And while the channel may differ and the message may vary, ultimately the end goal of a brand building strategy is same: to drive purchase. But what propels consumers to actually take action and how can we create products that stand out in increasingly crowded markets?

I believe the most powerful…

Why I love smart women & the inspiration they provide for others

Colleen DeCourcy, Sheryl Sanberg & Jonathan Mildenhall speaking at Cannes Lions

I won a pretty epic competition the other week. Spearheaded by GoDaddy and Campaign Magazine, the competition was part of an initiative to champion equality across the tech and creative industries. Up for grabs was an all access pass to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity so you can imagine my excitement when I was selected and jetted off to the South of France with five other awesome women.

As we know, nothing ever comes for free and content was the name of the game in winning this…

Team Pronto under one of our outdoor ads at Victoria station

Over the past few years I’ve had the fun, stressful and exciting task of heading up marketing and comms for a number of startup businesses. I’ve generally been brought in at around 18 months into a company’s life-cycle, when there’s a functional product but not much of a brand.

The other day I gave a presentation on this topic to new teams joining Seedcamp — Europe’s first early-stage investor in pre-seed and seed stage companies, an investor in Pronto and where I currently lead marketing efforts — which inspired me to revisit a lot of the work that went into…

Natasha Lytton

I do branding & marketing for startups. Creative campaigns, content & comms I like. Brands with purpose & strong culture I strive to create.

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